Blue Marine Life was founded in 2009 Doha, Qatar by Aquarium enthusiast Mr Ahmad Almeer.

He developed his passion for aquatic life from a young age.
By age 11, he had 8 aquariums in his house and was starting to breed/ build variety of aquariums (freshwater species).

With a degree (Bsc) in Navigation and maritime science Ahmad focused his attention on changing the aquarium market in Qatar. Ahmad’s vision to provide a one stop shop that can offer quality and high standard products for both marine and freshwater tanks.

As a lifetime hobbyist with the priority to ensure top quality fish and a large variety of aquarium products all available at Blue Marine Life at affordable prices.

Driven by the love for the ocean and livestock Ahmad and his team are continuously expanding beyond the aquarium.

In 2016 Ahmad won 1. place of the “Al-Fikra” competition amongst 200 Qatari entrepreneurs, with the innovative idea of the “Blue Marine Farm”.

Ahmad attributes the success of “Blue Marine Life” to a true passion for sustainable aquaculture and having a mission that everyone in the team believes in.

The Team and Partners around Ahmad are distributed worldwide for a unique continues support and further development in the State of Qatar