“Blue Marine Life offers a full design and build of your dream marine aquariums, may it be fish-only setup, fish-only-with-live-rocks setup or a reef (coral) setup. We offer a turnkey solution which commits with the customer from concept design, build and long term maintenance – ensuring longetivity of the aquarium with the least issues as possible. We only make use of quality live rocks, corals, fish and inverts, professionally selected from the best suppliers of the world.”


“We specialized in a wide array of freshwater tank setups which we can fully design and build – from simple nano tanks to large display tanks. We offer wide range of aquatic and terrarium plants from top international brands, as well as quality hardscapes e.g. rocks and driftwood, fish and invertibrates from best suppliers. We offer turnkey solutions for any client to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and least issues as possible. “