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AQUAEL external filter Ultramax 1500
+ comfortable, modern external filter for aquariums from 250-400 litres
+ large filter volume for best cleaning performance
+ prefilter integrated in the pump head
+ prefilter easily accessible, without disassembly of the pump head
+ efficient self-priming mechanism for simple and quick start-up
+ use of filter media of any kind
+ filter baskets with large volume
+ adaptation of the flow rate to the conditions in the aquarium
+ modern, energy-saving pump
+ whisper-quiet operation due to high-quality workmanship and use of modern components, e.g. ceramic shaft for the rotor
+ integrated double shut-off valve – facilitates maintenance
+ rotatable hose connections for easy installation of the hoses
+ complete and ready for connection with mechanical and biological filter media
+ produced in Europe

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AQUAEL External Filter Ultramax 1500 is a professional external filter for aquaria up to 400 litres. The modern external filter convinces with its large filter volume and compact design. With a height of only 46 cm, it fits into any cabinet. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the AQUAEL Ultramax 1500 is extremely reliable and almost noiseless in operation. The energy-saving pump has a costly pump capacity of 1,500 l/h and a power consumption of only 15 watts. As we are accustomed to from AQUAEL, this aquarium filter also has a lot of useful details which are not only useful for setup but also for maintenance. For example, with AQUAEL Ultramax you can clean the pre-filter without removing the pump head of the filter. To access the prefilter, simply open a flap on the pump head. This can be done quickly with a few handles. Neither the pump head itself nor the tubes need to be removed. There are also other useful details, such as rotatable hose adapters and an efficient self-priming mechanism. The three filter baskets can be filled individually with any filter material. Of course, the external filter comes already filled with filter material and ready for connection to you.

Technical data AQUAEL External Filter Ultramax 1500
for aquariums of approx. 250 to 400 L
Pump capacity: 1,500 l/h
Flow rate adjustable
Pump head: 200 cm
Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 16 W
Container volume: 13.5 L
Basket volume: 1.9 L
Number of filter baskets: 4
Tube size: 16/22
Length of contained tubes: 2x 1.5 m
Dimensions: 27 x 29 x 45.5 cm
including filter media, mechanical and biological
comprehensive installation material
suitable for fresh and marine water

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