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AQUAEL FAN 1 Plus -internal filter-
+ Internal filter for aquariums from 60 to 100 litres
+ Pump capacity: 50-320 l/h
+ Pump capacity adjustable
+ Power consumption 230 V/50 Hz, 4.7 W
+ maximum head: 55 cm
+ outlet: 12 mm for connecting pipes, hoses
+ dimensions: 5.5 x 6.6 x 19.7 cm
+ including diffuser
+ for fresh water only

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AQUAEL FAN 1 Plus is a compact Internal filter for aquariums from 60 to approx. 100 litres water volume. The specially designed chamber for the filter sponge prevents water from running out of the filter into the aquarium tank during the water change to be carried out at certain intervals or when the filter is removed from the tank, e.g. to wash out the filter sponge. The internal filter is quickly attached to the aquarium pane using the supplied holder. The enclosed air intake nozzle can be attached to the filter outlet to enrich the water with oxygen. A UV filter, which is optionally available, can also be attached here. Algae spores, bacteria, fungi, etc. are thus effectively eliminated. The sealed rotor chamber of the AQUAEL FAN 1 Plus ensures powerful, quiet operation with very low power consumption. The pump output can be infinitely adjusted via the rotary knob, which is easily accessible from above. In addition, the direction of the flow can be adjusted within a range of 75°.

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