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AQUAEL Uni Filter UV 1000
+ Internal filter with medium-sized aquariums up to approx. 350 litres with integrated UV-C unit
+ Operation also possible without UV-C module
+ large filter volume with two separate filter sponges
+ secopnd filter module included
+ second module can be filled individually
+ powerful pump with low power consumption, energy saving
+ adjustable flow rate
+ adjustable water outlet
+ adjustable aeration
+ filter can be mounted from two sides
+ easy operation, long maintenance intervals
+ rotor with ceramic shaft for whisper quiet operation

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AQUAEL Uni Filter UV 1000 is a powerful internal filter for aquaria up to approx. 350 litres. This small powerhouse convinces with several special features. The most important feature is undoubtedly the UV-C steriliser integrated directly into the pump chamber. Four powerful LEDs ensure that algae spores, bacteria, fungi etc. are killed. Especially in breeding tanks this is a decisive advantage. Two large filter sponges are located inside the filter tank. This has the advantage that only one sponge can be washed or replaced at a time, while the other filter sponge remains active. The filter chamber of the AQUAEL Uni Filter UV is designed in such a way that coarse dirt can settle, thus protecting the filter sponges from premature clogging. A further filter module with biological filter material is included in the scope of delivery. Other filter media can also be used in this module. The module can be filled completely free (e.g. with activated carbon or nitrate remover). The performance of the filter can thus be increased even further. For oxygen enrichment of the aquarium water, the supplied air intake nozzle can be mounted. The installation of the internal filter is very easy and can be done from two sides. This makes it easier to place the filter in a corner, for example. Finally, both the water flow rate and the direction of flow are adjustable for this internal filter as well.

Technical data AQUAEL Uni Filter UV 1000
suitable for aquariums from 250 to 350 l
pump capacity: 1000 l/h adjustable
max. pump head: 94 cm
power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 12.5 W
dimensions: 6.7 x 11.2 x 30.8 cm
diameter water outlet nozzle: 16 mm
suitable for fresh water and sea water

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