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AQUAEL ASAP Filter 700
+ high filter performance for efficient cleaning of the aquarium water
+ unique construction – easy operation and maintenance
+ modern, energy-saving motor with low power consumption
+ easy to clean filter container, which can also be quickly exchanged for a new one
+ transparent filter container, makes the degree of soiling immediately visible
+ operation also possible in tanks with a shallow water level from 5 cm upwards

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AQUAEL ASAP Filter 700 is an internal filter for aquaria up to approx. 250 litres. The ASAP filter combines high performance and excellent usability with a well thought-out design that reduces the time needed for maintenance work. The AQUAEL ASAP Internal Filter consists of a modern, energy-efficient motor housed in an elegant casing and a large transparent filter bowl filled with a carefully selected filter sponge. The sponge is quickly colonised by beneficial bacteria, so that the water passing through the filter is subjected to both biological and mechanical filtration. Filter sponges with activated carbon and phosphate absorber are available as accessories. The AQUAEL ASAP Internal Filter is also ideal for use in aqua terrariums, as it can work in shallow water with a depth of 5 cm or more. In addition, the water is enriched with oxygen by moving the water surface strongly.

Technical data AQUAEL ASAP Filter 700
Internal filter for aquariums from 150 up to approx. 250 l
Pump capacity: 700 l/h
Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 6.8 W
Dimensions: 6.5 x 9.9 x 24.4 cm
suitable for freshwater aquariums


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