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BioFarm Z-Stones

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ReeFlowers Biofarm Z-Stones is a natural stone formed by the reaction of volcanic lava with marine waters. The microporous structure provides suitable habitats for beneficial bacteria that consume nitrate and phosphate and increases the bacterial population. It strengthens biological filtration and helps to create a natural living environment.

Average usage is for 1 month from the date it was added. It binds ammonia, hydrogen sulphate and similar toxic materials which are resulting substances of dissolution and decay of fish food leftovers, fish poop, organic debris etc. and removes from the aquarium system. It binds the particles in the water and clarifies the water. It prevents smell.

Reduces fish and invertebrate loss during transportation by reducing ammonia levels.


It should be used in the media reactor, canister filter or with a filter bag supplied with the product where the water flow is high.

For an aquarium with an average load of 100 liters, 240 ml (~200 gr) ReeFlowers Biofarm Z-Stones should be added. For a heavily-loaded aquarium, media amount can be increased up to 2 times, and it can be increased up to 3 times during transportation.

For freshwater aquariums, ReeFlowers Biofarm Z-Stones needs to be rinsed via aquarium water once every three months without taking it out of water to reach the extanded usage of three years.

It should be renewed every month when used in saltwater aquariums or to remove ammonia in freshwater aquariums.

Measurement cap volume = 20 ml


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