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Bucephalandra ‘Lamandau Mini Red

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Genus:                           Bucephalandra

Species:                        ‘Lamandau Mini Red‘

Family:                           Araceae

Origin:                            Borneo

Light:                              medium – low

Temperature:                20-28 °C

Growth rate:                   slow

Area:                                 Foreground

Height:                             4 – 8 cm

pH:                                     5-8

Water hardness:             soft to medium hard

Co2:                                   0-20 mg/l

Propagation:                     rhizome cuttings

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Lamandau Mini Red‘ from the Lamandau region in the southwest of Borneo is a very attractive variety. Like all our Bucephalandra varieties, it is propagated in tissue culture in our greenhouses and is not a harvest from the wild. The plant grows very compactly with beautiful red-brown heart leaves and should ideally be planted on stones or roots. Its growth is very slow and therefore it is highly recommended for smaller aquariums.


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