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Bucephalandra Sp. ‘Red’ CUP

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This attractive Bucephalandra form is new in the range of Tropica company, labeled as ‘Red’. Its exact origin and species identity are unknown to us. It resembles i.a. several Bucephalandras that are said to come from the Lamandau region in Kalimantan. All Bucephalandra species are endemic on the island of Borneo, occurring on rock along streams, adapted to flooding with strong water current.
The elliptic leaves of Bucephalandra sp. ‘Red’ have an about 5 mm long stalk and a 2,5-3 cm long, 1,2 cm broad blade. The leaf edge is wavy, the tip blunt and roundish. Especially the young submerged leaves show nice reddish colours. The plant gets about 4 cm tall.
Our plant is produced at the nursery Tropica, not collected from the nature for the trade.

In general, Bucephalandra species grow on rock or wood, attached by their roots. They can also be fastened to the ground as long as the rhizome is not buried, otherwise it may rot. Bucephalandras do best with medium lighting, regular CO2 and nutrient supply via the water column and good water current. The propagation is easily done by cuttings of the shoots.

This relatively small Bucephalandra is highly recommended for the hardscape. It looks best in a bigger stand. Its rather dark colours contrast well with freshly green mosses.


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