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Carbon Filter media

  • High-quality activated carbon
  • Neutralises heavy metals
  • Absorbs drug residues

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CARBOMAX Plus is a unique contribution to filtration made of high-quality activated carbon with excellent absorption properties. When placed in the filter, it traps water and binds dissolved chemical substances. It neutralises heavy metals and chlorine. It absorbs the remains of medicines and other chemical preparations. It also perfectly removes various discolourations (for example, from wood in the aquarium). Thanks to carefully developed dust removal technology, it is in the form of durable dust-free granules.

How does CARBOMAX Plus work?
The activated carbon used in the production of CARBOMAX Plus has excellent absorption properties, which means that it absorbs toxic substances dissolved in it. It neutralises heavy metal ions and chlorine present in tap water. It removes colouring substances from the water and restores the crystalline purity. It absorbs the remains of medicines and other chemical preparations.

Where and when does CARBOMAX Plus work?
CARBOMAX Plus is ideally suited as a filter bed in canister filters, overflow filters, internal filters with chambers for loose media as well as in collecting trays and filter chimneys. CARBOMAX Plus should be used in newly set up aquariums to improve the quality and transparency of fresh aquarium water. One pack of CARBOMAX Plus contains two bags with a capacity of 0.5 litres. A CARBOMAX Plus bag is recommended for a 150-litre aquarium.

How should I use CARBOMAX Plus?
CARBOMAX Plus is ready for immediate use and does not require rinsing or other additional activities. The contents of the package should be placed in the filter basket or in the filter chamber. In order to guarantee optimal application results, it is recommended to place the CARBOMAX Plus cartridge behind the mechanical filter inserts and behind the biological filter inserts.

It should be replaced at least every 4 weeks.


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