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Colossus Q²

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Guaranteed analysis
Protein: 47.0%
Fiber: 2.0%
Fat: 7.8%
Ash: 9.5%

Ocean Nutrition - Manufacturer Of All Kind Fish Foods

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General information

Ocean Nutrition is very proud to present a brand-new, top-of-the-line product called COLOSSUS! Ocean Nutrition’s engineers, nutritionists and fish food professionals have poured the expertise they’ve gathered throughout the many years into this EXCLUSIVE, high-end type of freshwater fish food. COLOSSUS is a range of large-sized slow-sinking pellets (Q2-range) and fast moist absorbing floating sticks (X2-range) carefully engineered for freshwater fish species such as Arowana’s, Cichlids, Catfish, Rays, Pleco’s, Oscar’s and any other type of giant freshwater species. Both products GUARANTEE a solid growth, sparkling health and vivid colours on your fish. A true must-have for any serious aquarist!

  • SLOW-SINKING, bite-sized PELLETS (5mm x 10mm) for large carnivorous monster fish.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH food designed to satisfy the hefty appetite of large carnivorous aquarium fish while GUARANTEEING OPTIMUM GROWTH.
  • Skillfully created with nutrients that SUPPORT & MAINTAIN GENERAL HEALTH as well as ENHANCE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM of your fish.
  • Includes PHYTO-NUTRIENTS such as GARLIC & specially selected HERBS to increase the natural resistance to pathogens & parasites.
  • Extruded with the greatest care, NO WATER POLLUTION.

Could be used for these groups of fish
Brackish Water Fish,Oddballs,South-American Cichlids,Stingrays,Loricaria,Otocinclus,Ancistrus,Lnumbers,Cichlids,Plecostomus,Plec’s,Piranha,Pacu,Silver Dollar,Catfish,Catfish – Loaches – Eels,Piranha’s,Polypterus

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