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Coral Pellets

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Guaranteed analysis
Protein: 35.0%
Fiber: 1.0%
Fat: 8.0%
Ash: 8.0%
Moisture: 25.0%


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General information

This off-the-shelf coral food makes feeding your corals so much easier and efficient. Their soft semi-moist pellet structure ensures an optimal acceptance and digestion. Besides that the pellets are packed with selected molecules to trigger feeding response. Comes in two pellet sizes. The small pellets (+- 2.5mm) are developed for Ricordea and smaller LPS corals (such as Acanthastrea, Blastomussa, Lobophyllia,…). They consist of small fresh planktonic prey items like copepods. For larger LPS corals we formulated a diet with larger planktonic prey items like krill. These pellets are around 6mm, perfect for corals like Scolymia, Lobophyllia, Trachyphyllia, Duncanopsammia and Catalaphyllia. Feed your corals every other day. To avoid overfeeding, feed maximum 30% of the polyps in a coral colony. Store at room temperature. After opening, it is advised to store in the fridge (4 – 6°C) for prolonged preservation. Please avoid to leak moisture into the package during use.

  • Developed to fulfil the micro-planktivorous nutritional needs of Ricordea and smaller LPS corals and the macro-planktivorous nutritional needs of larger LPS corals
  • Soft semi-moist structure for optimal acceptance and digestion
  • Packed with selected molecules to trigger feeding response
  • Nitrogen flushed inner foil pouch keeps the oxygen out for maximum freshness



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