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Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green’

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The Cryptocoryne wendtii plant typically stays fairly small, and it is ideal as a midground or foreground plant. If you have a smaller aquarium, you can use it as a background plant where the leaves reach the water’s surface and bend over to float in the water.

The plant is particularly prevalent in aquascaping. Its rosette growth form is useful in dividing an aquarium into distinct sections. Aquascapers commonly use several of these plants to draw attention to an adjoining location or to conceal the bottom parts of stem plants.

You can get the plant in a variety of colors and leaf-textures to create a beautiful contrast in your tank. Since it grows thickly, it can help hide the unsightly portions of your set up.

The plant will tolerate high and low light conditions. You can use LED lights or fluorescent bulbs that mimic full-spectrum lighting. The plant is a slow grower, and there is a chance for it to be crowded out by other plants in high-light environments.

Cryptocoryne likes soft water, but it will tolerate hard water as well. The color of the leaves is impacted by the availability of light, where they become more brightly colored in higher-wattage lighting.


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