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Beef heart, spinach, mussels, bloodworms, fish eggs, garlic, spirulina 20 Cubes

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General information

Discus Balance is a premium quality, softly bounded frozen food, specially adjusted to the feeding habits of Discus.

  • This new formula is an upgraded formula of our current Discusfood and will therefore also replace the existing formula.
  • Discus Balance is made from only fresh, top quality ingredients like beef heart, spinach, mussels, bloodworms, fish eggs.
  • Contains spirulina algae to enhance the natural colors and fresh garlic to improve the resistance against parasites.
  • Successful breeding guaranteed.

Packaging details

Discus Balance, blister of 100gr 20 Cubes

Discus Balance, flatpack of 454gr

Did you know?

Calcium absorption in Discus depends on the available phosphorous.


  • Could be used for these groups of fish


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