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Echinodorus grisebachii ‘Bleherae’

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This large Amazon sword plant is possibly the most popular aquatic plant. Its leaves are 3-6 cm wide, making them broader than the ‚Amazonicus’, and with growth up to 60 cm it is certainly the more dominant in appearance. Older bushes, sometimes with more than 50 leaves, are an arresting sight. The substrate must be at least 10 cm high so that the root system can spread properly. Combine with various Helianthums (dwarf Echinodorus) to create outstanding South American Aquascapes.

A nutritious bottom promotes growth, but the plant needs pruning to prevent it depriving plants underneath of light. Echinodorus bleheri does well even in poorly illuminated aquariums, as it grows towards the light.

It is a hardy and easy solitary plant for both beginners and the more experienced with quite large aquariums. It has been sold under the name “Paniculatus”.

A bundle of stems or young plants gathered in an anchor. Remove the anchor and split into separate plants. Regarding stem plants, remove the leaves from the lowest 5 cm (2“). Remove any damaged leaves. Plant the individual plants with some distance into the bottom substrate. Roots will develop soon and the plant start growing.


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