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Eriocaulon Sp. ‘Dong Ha’

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Common Name: Eriocaulon Sp. Dong Ha

Eriocaulon Sp. Dong Ha is still a rare commodity in the aquarium hobby. While beautiful, this plant is not easy to grow. It does best in soft water, high lighting and CO2 injection. This aquatic plant also needs a balanced nutrient content, including nitrate, phosphate, iron, and micronutrients. At times, hobbyists will even reserve a special tank in order to grow this picky plant. It grows with a tall stem and features long, needle-like leaves. The plant also grows many lateral shoots, which enhance its bushy look.

For propagation, one must cut the plant carefully and not often: Eriocaulon does not respond well to trimming. It’s typically best to simply replace the trimmed plant with the new ones, and the cuttings should not exceed 2” in length.

Overall, it is a beautiful plant, perfect as a green accent plant or filler in the midground or background, and its growth rate and leaves make it ideal for Dutch style tanks.


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