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  • • Formulated specifically for marine aquaria.
  • • Used in conjunction with MicrōBacter7, establishes and develops biological filtration by providing critical nutrients in specific forms and ratios.
  • (Note: Not designed to be used with MicrōBacterStart XLM or MicrōBacterClean, use QuikCycl for those products, instead.)
  • • Ethical and effective; encourages microbial proliferation without the use of poor nutrient sources, such as fish food (rich in refractory organic compounds) and so-called “starter fish”.
  • • Indirectly benefits corals and other suspension-feeding invertebrates by encouraging reproduction of bacterioplankton (an important food source for those organisms).
  • • Helps prevent bleaching in zooxanthellate corals.
  • • Encourages polyp-expansion in corals, anemones, and their allies.
  • • Formulated by a marine scientist.

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Balanced nutrient source for establishing and maintaining biological filtration in marine aquaria

Establishing viable biological filtration in a new aquarium set up requires that the appropriate microorganisms are added in the presence of specific nutrients in the proper ratios.  Long-term maintenance of the biological filtration system requires that these nutrients remain available to the microorganisms. The use of “starter fish” and fish food in such systems to act as a source of nutrients is a poor practice: it places the fish at risk of being poisoned by toxic nutrient concentrations that are typical in immature systems; it creates potential future problems for the aquarist if the species employed has a natural aggressive nature, terrorizing new inhabitants, and proves difficult or impossible to remove without extracting most, or possibly all, of the decorations/infrastructure from the tank; it pollutes the system with large molecular weight particulate and dissolved organic material that can lead to proliferation of cyanobacteria and/or filamentous algae. The use of FaStart-M provides a “clean alternative solution” to all of these issues, and enables beneficial microorganisms to rapidly populate an aquarium system to establish biological filtration, then maintains the population through periods of changing bioload to ensure stable rates of nutrient uptake. When aquarium nutrient concentrations are maintained at constant values and within the appropriate respective ranges, inhabitants exhibit better overall health and coloration.

Does not require refrigeration. Maintained free of contaminants, remains viable indefinitely. Not impacted by temporary freezing.


250-ml, 500-ml, 2-L, 20-L

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