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Flipper Replacement Blade

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FLIPPER Flipper Standard Aquarium Scraper Replacement Blades for Fish Tank Cleaning Kits 

Stainless Steel Replacement Blades for Glass Tanks

 Aquarium Cleaner Blades, 2 Pack

Flipper Cleaner - Dynamic Tank


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About this item:

  • Replacement Stainless Steel Blades for the Flipper MAX Aquarium Cleaner
  • Stainless Steel for Glass Tanks Only
  • Blades are interchangeable and replaceable blade replacement is reccomended every 3-6 months for top performance
  • Please verify whether you have a Flipper MAX or Flipper Standard prior to ordering.
  • FLIPPER STANDARD SCRAPER BLADES: These replacement blades for your Flipper Standard fish tank cleaning tools are suitable for use on glass fish tanks from ¼” up to ½” (6mm – 12mm) thickness.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Suitable for use on glass aquariums only, the stainless steel Flipper Standard scraper blades are quick and easy to install, snapping into place in 1 direction only.
  • KEEP YOUR TANK SQUEAKY CLEAN: These Flipper fish tank cleaner scraper blades are ultra low profile for reaching difficult or tight areas of your fresh or salt water fish tank.
  • SCRAPER BLADE MULTIPACK: This pack of 2 replacement blades for fish tank cleaning are replaceable and interchangeable. Change your blades every 3-6 months to keep your Flipper cleaning like new!
  • Flipper Nano Stainless Steel Replacement Blades (for glass tanks only)
  • Patented design that flips from scrubber to scraper. Complete cleaning without ever getting your hands wet!
  • Unique orienting buoyancy for easy retrieval of the cleaner every time.
  • Ultra low profile design allows cleaning in hard to reach areas of the tank.
  • Blades are replaceable


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