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Magic Algae Stop Filter Medium

  • Removes algae
  • Inhibits the growth of green algae
  • Simple application

Aquael Pet Products

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AQUAEL MAGIC ALGAE STOP has the shape of a small bag in which each filter in the container can be easily accommodated. Thanks to its unique properties, it inhibits the growth of green algae and removes algae from the water so that the water becomes clear again.

It works on the principle of chemical sorption, which efficiently absorbs phosphates, nitrites and nitrates as a natural nutrient solution for algae from the water. By removing them, algae growth is stopped very effectively without harming fish, shrimp and higher plants.

Before use, the cartridge should be rinsed thoroughly under running water and then placed inside the filter. One pack of the cartridge is designed for an aquarium with a capacity of up to 100 l and lasts 6-8 weeks. With a larger tank, use a larger number of packages or change the cartridges more frequently (in proportion to the size of the aquarium).

After 6-8 weeks Take it out of the filter and replace it with a new AQUAEL MAGIC ALGAE STOP cartridge.


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