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MasterLine Nitrate

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It can be used together with the range of individual
elements from MasterLine, thus being able to control in
a profi way the values of the nutrients, or as a
supplement to the complete fertilization formulas. By
maintaining at least 5 ppm nitrate in the aquarium, the plants will grow more harmoniously, not allowing
the algae to attach.


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contains nitrogen in the form of
nitrates, the main nutrient for plants. It regulates
nitrogen deficiency, often caused by the denitrification
process occurring under certain conditions. It offers
growth boost.
It is dosed as needed, when the nitrate concentration in
the aquarium falls below 5 ppm.


  • 0.69% N,
  • 1.89% K,


Dosage: 1 ml for 30 liters adds 1 ppm NO3, 0.63 ppm K

Volume: 500 and 1000


Do not ingest and keep out of the reach of children. Keep the product in a cool place and away from light.


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