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MasterLine Purity

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Prevents the formation of ammonia and nitrite. Reduces
organic matter dissolved in water.
Helps increase the oxygen concentration. Intensifies the
pearling effect. Clears the water. Prevents algae
MasterLine Purity is a filter medium that absorbs organic
matter from the water. The effect of its use, is very clear
water and fewer algae problems.
It is placed in a fine bag, rinsed with water and placed in
the filter. The specific smell is normal.
As it is loaded with organic matter, the color of the
granules gradually changes to brown.
Dirty water causes a faster loading of the filter medium with organic matter.
The more loaded it is, the darker its color will be, which is a sign that it needs to be regenerated.
For regeneration, place the bag in a plastic container, with sodium hypochlorite (bleach), non-aromatic, for
24 hours. From time to time, the position of the bag needs to be changed, for a correct regeneration. After
this period, rinse well and leave for another 24 hours in water treated with a 10-20 times higher dose of
aquarium dechlorinator. It is reused only after the odor of chlorine completely disappears.
The higher the amount of Purity used, the less frequent regenerations will be needed.

Minimum recommended quantity for less frequent regenerations: 100 ml Purity for 100 liters of water

Volume: 250, 500 ml


Do not ingest and keep out of the reach of children. Store the product in a wet condition in a sealed


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