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Oxyboost APR-Plus 150

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Oxyboost APR-Plus 150

Air pump

  • Sealed housing
  • No vibrations
  • Easy to use

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The OXYBOOST APR-PLUS series of aerators includes two models: APR 150. The figures correspond to the maximum output of the respective device, expressed in litres of air that can be pumped through within an hour. The 150 model has one outlet. The APR models ensure smooth performance adjustment with a practical rotary knob in the upper part of the device body.

The body of the new aerator is characterised by a sleek black and white design. Thanks to the rounded, disc-shaped shape, the device is easy to keep clean.

The OXYBOOST PLUS aerators are manufactured with great care using the latest manufacturing technology.

Despite their high performance, the OXYBOOST PLUS diaphragm pumps consume little power (2.2-2.5 W). They are ideal for continuous operation as ventilation devices (we recommend using them together with the illuminated AQUAEL AIR LIGHTS nozzles for excellent decoration) or as drives for conventional sponge filters and underground filters. You can even use them as drives for simple pipe skimmers in saltwater aquariums.

For aquariums up to                       100-150L
Power in watts                                   2.2W
Max. Flow rate (litres / h)             150


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