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pH Minus


Coralline Algae Accelerator

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ReeFlowers pH Minus effectively lowers the pH of your aquarium and, if used regularly, stabilizes it at a desirable level. It helps form an environment similar to the natural habitat of living organisms to promote their health.

Maintaining a stable pH value of water at a desirable level is key for the vital functions of living organisms as well as for their reproduction.


Add 5 ml per 100 lt water in the tank until the desired pH level of a normal, natural habitat for living organisms is achieved in your aquarium. It is recommended that, once the desired pH level is achieved, periodic tests be done and that the pH level is kept constant by adding the required amounts as necessary. Not more than twice the recommended amount should be added at once.

Its recommended the kH value be kept 4-8 dkH for a stable pH value.



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