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Platinum Line Plus 24V Latest Version

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For the production of soft water with low-salt content for fresh and salt water aquariums, for spraying terrariums and many other applications.

The reverse osmosis system platinum line plus 24V is a compact and versatile superior unit. It is supplied with three large 10″ filter housings. The filter cartridges (activated carbon, fine filter and demineralization resin) can easily be replaced. The supplied pressure gauge will display the operation pressure at any time. All components, the prefilter housings and the membrane module are mounted onto a stable powder-coated bracket. The unit has a high pressure pump and a flushing valve and therefore, can achieve a high ratio of pure to waste water output up to 1:1. The salt removal rate is up to 99%. Due to the fully automatic back flushing and continuous monitoring of the pure water, the unit requires very little maintenance.


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