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Shrimps Antioxidant

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ReeFlowers Shrimp’s Antioxidant is used to prevent shrimp species from being damaged by water added to aquariums and to purify water from toxic substances such as chlorine, chlorine, arsenic, cyanide, and copper.

Reduces stress caused by media change, helps adaptation. It can be used for fresh water and salt water. It does not damage fish, plants, reef creatures, beneficial bacteria colonies and beneficial micro organisms, it does not cause any change in pH level.


A weekly addition of 3 ml per 100 lt for an average-loaded aquarium is recommended.

10 ml dosage is adequate per 100 lt tap water for every water change. The use of tap water in saltwater aquaria is not recommended. 2 ml dosage is adequate per 100 lt RO/DI or drinking water.

In case of emergency such as mixing of harmful substances in water, up to 20 ml per 100 lt can be added per day.

85 ml bottle – 20 drops = 1 ml


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