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Syngonium Pixie TERRARIUM

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  • Hailing from the rainforests of South America, Syngonium are a genus of subtropical climbers that have weaved their way into many homes and hearts.
  • Syngonium podophyllum arguably being the most popular species, though – in its mature form – it’s often too big for most terrariums.
  • That’s where the ‘Pixie’ comes in!
  • This adorable dwarf variety still stays true to the Arrowhead Vine name with its signature arrow-shaped leaves, but it stays small, compact and fabulous.
  • Perfect for terrariums and equally small spaces in the home.AquaFlora - JOIN EAC

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Syngonium Pixie: Top Tips for the Dwarf Arrowhead Plant


Syngonium podophyllum ‘Pixie’ is a versatile plant, and it will grow readily in most lighting conditions.

It’ll thrive in bright, indirect light, but it’ll also manage fine in low to medium light settings too (though it may lose some vibrancy/variation).

Remember, unlike the green leaves, the creamy white parts of the plant can’t photosynthesize. So, if your particular plant has an abundance of variegation then you can expect it to struggle in shade conditions.

The brighter the indirect light you can give it, the stronger the variegated colours!

On the other side of the spectrum, try to keep this plant out of direct sunlight to avoid scorching the leaves.


The Arrowhead Vine really appreciates regular, even moisture.

In the wild the, plants of the Syngonium genus can be found naturally growing in riparian areas near streams and waterfalls, so they’re certainly used to it.

Though, they are quite forgiving and you’ll find you have a fair bit of wiggle room.

  • In a pot (with a drainage hole please), you’re best watering it thoroughly, and then allowing it to dry out a little. Curling of the delicate leaves will tell you when you need to water again.
  • In a terrarium, you’ll want to pair with other moisture-loving plants (e.g. ferns) and look to achieve a water balance on the more generous side. Moist but never saturated.

Substrate / Soil

This versatile plant can grow in a variety of substrates and growth mediums.

Good water retention and drainage are fundamental in making sure these water-loving plants have consistent access to moisture, but never run the risk of root rot.

I’d recommend a coco-coir base (plus earthworm castings for nutrients) and some supplementary drainage elements like vermiculite or pumice.

See my guide to substrate mixes for more help.

Temperature & Humidity

As a native rainforest plant, Syngonium podophyllum ‘Pixie’ with thrive in the warmth and humidity of a closed terrarium environment.

Though, humidity isn’t a total deal-breaker – Syngonium tend go grow pretty well in most household conditions.

On the other hand, temperature control is important as these tropical plants are not frost hardy in the least. Maintain at least 60°F (15°C for my fellow Brits) to keep them happy.


In my experience, young Syngonium plants start as a tightly packed unit and then grow up and outwards as they mature.

They’re hemi-epiphytic growers, so in the wild they’ll initially root up in the soil and then begin to climb the nearby trees – changing shape as they mature, and losing some of their characteristic arrow shapes.

Though, through my experience I don’t think the Pixie variety tends to change shape all that much.


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