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Hang-on filters with a time-proven performance. Being much more efficient than internal filters, they do not take up space in the tank. The VERSAMAX filters are supplied complete with removable containers, which makes them easy to clean. Performance is adjustable in a wide range. Equally perfect for both small and large aquariums.

Dimensions W/D/H   16X13X22,5
Aquarium capacity     20-100L
Efficiency                      500L/H
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VERSAMAX is an external hanger that was developed for the filtration and aeration of water in normal and Nano aquariums. Thanks to its high throughput, the filter guarantees intensive filtration of the aquarium water with little space requirement. The filter is very quiet and easy to use. VERSAMAX filters can be used in water tanks with a capacity of 50 to 300 litters.

Each pack contains a filter cover, a flow-through unit and a container for filter media with a sponge cartridge. The VERSAMAX filter is completely watertight because the entire container is made of one piece.

Hang the filter on the aquarium wall so that the suction tube is in the aquarium while the pump body hangs outside. When starting up, fill the filter container with water and plug the connection cable into the socket. Shortly after activation, a properly installed filter will suck in the air from the suction system and start pumping water out of the aquarium. The pump output can be set over a wide range with a rotary knob on the top of the flow unit.

The pump sucks in water from the lower part of the water tank, then the water flows through the filter cartridges and is finally released back into the aquarium. The filter baskets make changing cartridges easier.

The filter throughput can be adjusted with the rotary control on top of the flow unit. The angle of inclination of the filter is also adjustable.

The standard set of cartridges for the VERSAMAX filter includes a sponge cartridge made from a special phenol-free sponge. It is a particularly beneficial substrate for the growth of bacterial cultures that are used to remove organic contaminants from the water. In this way, effective mechanical filtration is complemented by excellent biological filtration.

Filter cartridges can be freely combined for biological or chemical filtration or replaced by other filter media. For example, you can combine cartridges for biological filtration with a sponge for mechanical filtration. Make sure that the individual media in both parts of the filter baskets are arranged in the same layers.

Energy-savingFlexible filter configurationWater aerationContinous performance adjustmentEasy to use and maintain

2 Years Guaranteed.


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